Sunday, January 3, 2010

Purpose of Military (camouflage) Clothing in Combat

90% of Military Users Don't need camouflage, to blind in. 10% Need Camouflage to blind ( Snipers, Stalkers, and Just people who just don't want to be seen). Most Military users don't need. so what's the point. And how does digital Camouflage blend in to anything is it just for the looks. I personal just think it looks cool. But I don't know how it blends in? A bunch of 90 degree angle boxes connected really doesn't blend. Don't know what digital camo is?
Here is an Example.

How would this blend?
10% of users type of camo they use ( Snipers or stalkers)
By laying on your belly you can blend
into your surrounding easier.
Most Snipers use Ghillie Suits as above.
Other ghillie Suits,

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